Our Mandate

Mobile technology is one of the most powerful accelerators of positive social change globally and plays a critical role in almost every meaningful social venture in developing markets.

We consider it our mandate to create a series of break-through initiatives that demonstrate the social value of mobile services and build support for high-impact, scalable solutions.

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Our Components

  • Annual Mobile Mandate Signature Partnership Program
  • Mobile Mandate Studio-Level Micro-programs
  • Mobile Mandate Labs
  • Mobile Mandate Board of Advisors
  • Mobile Mandate Annual Report
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  • Doreen Lorenzo
    President, frog

    “Mobile Mandate reinforces our long-term commitment to social innovation and underscores our belief in the ability of mobile technology and thoughtful design to tackle some of the world's greatest challenges.”

  • Jan Chipchase
    Executive Creative Director of Global Insights

    “We’ve seen first hand the power that mobile technologies have in driving social change: the true ubiquity of mobile phones; the ability to document and share what is happening on the ground - increasingly in real time; and the ability to facilitate both personal and community experiences make this a truly disruptive and social technology.”

  • Giuseppe Occhi
    Head Physician of Cardiology, Sondalo Hospital

    “It has been a pleasure and a wonderful experience to be involved in the Personal eMonitor project and to experience 'behind the scenes' in new medical and technological innovation, in which frog has brought humanity and solidity.

    Frog has brought great attention to the necessities of different stakeholders involved in the complex ecosystem, working to define a unique and coherent user experience.

    A system like Personal eMonitor is light and easy to wear. It can unequivocally be a valid help for all the people who, after such a distressing event, tend to resign from their customary way of life.”

  • Giuseppe Baroni
    Executive Program Manager, Flextronics Group

    “frog's ability to incorporate cutting edge mobile technology with healthcare solutions made them a crucial partner in the Personal eMonitors project. They played a fundamental role in conducting meaningful ethnographic research, defining the overall system architecture, and creating a simple user interface–all in close cooperation with partners, patients, and medical professionals involved with the project.”

  • Krista L Dong, MD
    TEACH Programme Director

    “Project M has proven that text messaging can play a critical role in distributing information about HIV/AIDS treatment in deeply afflicted parts of South Africa. One of the most incredible things about this project has been our incredible partners. Despite working with designers in California and New York, it was almost as if they were on the front lines with us, in clinics and communities in rural KwaZulu-Natal. They would send us designs and we would send them feedback, and voila, prototypes would be modified overnight. Whether communicating via group email, bi-coastal conference call, or meeting in person, we could not ask for a more responsive and fantastic group to work with, who share our commitment to bringing lasting change in the fight against the HIV epidemics in Africa.”

  • Nigel Waller
    Founder and CEO, Movirtu

    “We are an avid promoter of the transformative potential of mobile phone technology to those living below the poverty line. We are proud to be working with frog who share similar views and have overwhelmed us by their knowledge and talent. They have revolutionised the user interfaces and touch points on our products, above all simplifying them and making them easy to use and understand.”